Delta Programmable Differential Thermostat
Delta is specialized device that controls the heat exchange between solar collector and boiler. It maintains the optimal work of the system and also monitors for emergencies and thus prevents potentially dangerous situations. The device monitors the temperatures of the solar collector and the boiler and when the conditions of the control algorithm are met, the solar heat energy, generated in the collector is transferred to the boiler by activating the circulation pump. The device is flexible, as most of the control parameters can be tuned by the user or the installer. This way the specific needs of every heating system can be met.

The boiler cooling function, which is activated when the set temperature is exceeded, along with Vacation mode provides security and comfort to any modern heating system.
Thermostat Pump relay output 5 А / 1 KW, 250 VAC
Thermal sensor NTC (2 pcs.) -40 ... 125 °C
Power Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 1.5 VA
Mounting DIN rail
Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 36 х 90 х 58 mm
Ambient temperature 0 ... 40 °C