SineUPS Model S100a

Pure Sinewave!

The Uninterruptible Power Supply SineUPS guarantees continuous work of all the appliances connected. When a problem with the mains power supply is detected (power cut or instability), SineUPS generates a pure sinewave from the battery connected. The output voltage has the same form as the mains voltage, meaning that the loads connected works as efficiently as being powered from mains.

When a stable mains voltage is present, the device always keeps the battery charged up so it will provide as much charge as possible in the time of need.

The model S100a has in built-in internal battery with 7.2 Ah capacity and is suitable for loads up to 100 W
Input Voltage 230 VAC
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage to switch to battery powered mode below 180 VAC
over 260 VAC
Protection Fuse, mounted on the housing
Output Voltage 230 VAC ± 4%
Frequency 50 Hz ± 1Hz
Power 100 W
Voltage form Pure sinewave
Switching time < 5 ms
Protection Automatic resettable protection from overload and short circuit
Battery Type 12 V, lead-acid
Capacity Internal, 7.2 Ah
Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 200 х 200 х 70 mm
Ambient temperature 0 - 35 °C