Fireplace Ventilators
Why Fireplace Ventilators?

Fireplace Ventilators are an essential part of the air heating fireplace systems. Quickly and effectively, just several minutes after the fireplace is lit up, the heat is transferred to the other rooms through the air ducts, just like central heating.

Why Fireplace Ventilators?

  • Faster heating up system, compared to the water based systems
  • It is less expensive to build air heating system, compared to water one
  • More suitable for homes which are not populated during the whole day, no freezing danger
  • Safer - when constructed correctly, there is no danger from fire chamber overheating

This is a fast and efficient way of central heating. Just a few minutes after the fireplace is lit up, the hot air ventilator automatically is powered on and the warmth is directed to the other rooms through air ducts. They can be directed through the ceiling for the multistory buildings or in the sub-roof space for single story houses. The most important in this heating system is the correct construction of the heating installation.

This is a contemporary heating system, a wonderful alternative to the expensive system of radiators. The air heating, comprised of fire chamber, fireplace fan and air ducts, will give you optimal temperature even in the coldest nights.

The hot air distribution network operates as central air heating system. The fireplace is constructed so around the fireplace chamber there is an air gap, insulated by appropriate material. The cold air enters below the fire chamber, goes around it heating up, and gathers in the upper part of the construction. From there on the heated air is forced through flexible temperature resistant ducts by the specialized fireplace ventilator. All the vents in the rooms have adjustable flaps, so the optimal heating is achieved. The system loop is closed by sucking the cold air below the doors and this way the air is constantly circulating.
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