Why do I need Differential Thermostat?

The Differential Thermostat controls the heat exchange between solar collector and boiler. It provides optimal control of the process as well as monitors for emergencies thus preventing extreme and dangerous conditions.

Why do I need Differential Thermostat?

The alternative heating systems are becoming more and more popular in our everyday life. The solar collectors are eco-friendly and economically viable way of transforming the solar power to heat. The differential thermostat we have developed, provide comfort utilizing the solar collectors and the smart usage of hot water from the boiler. From the display reading in every moment you can monitor and control what the temperatures of the solar collector and boiler are. The differential thermostat will protect you from extremes - both from too high or too low temperatures, from overheating and freezing.

The Differential Thermostat has wide application in various kinds of heating systems:
  • solar collector and boiler
  • fireplace and boiler
  • gas, charcoal, electrical boiler and hot water boiler
The differential thermostat has relay outputs, which power the circulation pump (three-way valve) and the electrical boiler heater. The temperatures of the heat source and boiler are monitored via thermal sensors.

The differential thermostat should be mounted and connected, paying a lot of attention to where you put the thermal sensors. The device is then setup according to the specifics of the system and the preferences of the client using various parameters:
  • current temperature in different parts of the heating system
  • circulation pump test
  • anti-block protection of the pump
  • holiday mode
  • emergency protection
The differential thermostat is the remote control of your solar system. It will automatically control the way you utilize your heating installation and the sun's energy. You can monitor the state of your system from digital user interface and control the heat exchange between the collector and boiler.